I ♥ Horses!

by Rebecca
(Brittish Columbia)

Horses are my favorite animal, they are graceful, intelligent, and beautiful creatures. They have helped the human race a lot- from pulling Roman chariots to carrying royalty, from dragging sleighs and milk carts to bringing knights into battle. But most of all, they give us excellent companionship.

I wish I had one, but I don't . . . since I live in the city (yes *sigh*. I AM a city slicker). One day though, I am going to own one. My favorite breeds are Paint Horses, Morgans, and Thoroughbreds, but I don't really care- I just LOVE them! Talk about horses and I'll perk up immediately!

P.S. This is a banner I made for Howrse.

P.P.S. My username on Howrse is ponyfanatic

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