Howrse Rocks!!!

by Ashley

I've been playing horse for at least a year, and I plan to play it even longer. The point of is to train and breed horses to be the best.

That's not the only thing there though. You can also run your own Equine center (a place to keep your horse). And Howrse ALWAYS has AWESOME CONTESTS you can enter and win things like an ipod touch!

But my favorite part about it is the black market. "Whats the black market?" you ask, well it's a store where you can spend passes on things to make your horse age slower, become immortal, make them a peagus etc.

Hope to see you playing on howrse!

P.S. My account user name is Peaches.

Note from Sydney's mom: This is a great review Ashley. Very helpful and well-written. Thanks for sharing it!

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