Howrse Game Review

by Jacqueline
(The Hague)

Howrse is a Great Game! In Howrse, you get to have your Very Own Horse or Pony, name it, and take care of it. As it grows up you will get many Surprises too.

You get Passes on Howrse. Unfortunately you must pay for them, but if it's okay with your Parents you can get some Passes on Howrse and go to this Special Place called the Black Market. It's connected to the main store and in the Black market you get Secret and Rare items for your Horse and Pony. They include things like Medusa's Blood (Able to change your Pony/Horse into a Pegasus,) Philosophers Stone (Able to make your Horse/Pony immortal which means that they can live 4 ever) and much more.

When your Pony or Horse grows up, you can breed them with other Horses and Ponies to get your very own Foal (Baby Horse) and you can take care of them too. There is a whole list of mares and stallions to breed with and it's fun to have a Foal.

There are much more stuff you can do on Howrse, but I'd say it's a Great Game for anybody. I Hope you enjoy the Horse Game Online Howrse!

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