How in the world do you get to Wiggins Mansion?

by tabicat

Please, someone help! I'm sooooooooooooo confused!

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Nov 28, 2013
How to get to the Wiggins Mansion

You ride Wiggins by ride pony trail, then you ride to Wiggins by pony Pal trail, then you ride to Wiggins estate then go to the mansion. I done it and i only own 1 horse on the game.

Oct 14, 2012
This Is How...
by: BHDB Canter On

You must purchase a second pony to be able to get to Wiggins Mansion.

First, click on the Bus Stop and then select Olsons.

Then select any pony you want. There are more selections on West and East. But be aware that your second pony will cost from about 500 Wiggins Bucks to maybe 900, along with a 300 boarding bill regardless of what the actual pony costs, bringing the total cost of the pony 900 Wiggins Bucks at the minimum.

If you don't want to pay that much to get your second pony, create another account on your same email address. Once you have, go back to your usual account and click on any random pony. Then select 'Transfer' in the top right hand corner.

It will then ask you which account you want to trade ponies with. You will only be able to select one account; and that's the other account you won't be using - the one that you're not on right now. Click 'Select' once you've done so.

It will then ask you which pony you want to put on this account. Select your other pony. For example, your first horse's name is Altai. The horse on your other account is Whisper. You want Whisper to be on the account where Altai is. Once you have selected your other pony, click 'Select'.

Now you must insert your password for your other account - the one you're not on now, not your usual account's password. Click 'Select' once you've finished.

You have now successfully transferred your second pony to your usual account for free! But keep in mind that once a month you must pay a 300 Wiggins Bucks board fee for your second pony.

Now, go back to the Crandals Barn and ride out on one of your ponies and you can now go on the Cross Country Trail! Try it out it you want, or go on the main pony pal trail.

Once you have finished, go to the pony pal trail again, not the barn trail. You will appear in a closed-in forest. Be mindful of lots of trees and apples that will decrease your health. I suggest that you stay at walk and trot, because you risk hurting you or your horse at canter or gallop.

Once that's done, go to the wiggins estate trail and ride through that. You will be in a spaced-out forest, so you don't need to worry about hurting you or your horse as much and you can canter or gallop without problems here.

After you have finished your trail, select the wiggins mansion trail. After you have finished that, you will be at the Wiggins Mansion!

Hope I helped. :)

BHDB Canter On

Feb 20, 2011
This will help!
by: Horserider

I also have an account on cpp. But the only way you can get to Wiggins Mansion is if you have a second pony! So go to Olsens, and buy a second pony. Then pay your board bill. After that you will be able to go to the Wiggins Mansion!

Hope it helps. (BUT it will):)

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