How I Stumbled on the Love of Horses

by Bettie

My Horse Story..

The first time I rode a horse was when I was so little, I barely remember. It was at a church and a birthday party thing. The horse was gorgeous, it was a bay thoroughbred mare. The main thing I remember was sitting on the horse looking at the horn and wishing I could reach the stirrups.

That was just the start. I then moved to a small town in Oregon that is surrounded by fields, mountains, and HORSES!! I'd always play in the car with friends as if they were ours. Later on I got a friend who had like 12 horses. I never got to ride any of the horses, but I did get get to ride a cranky old pony with a funky hair-do. I'd spend almost every weekend at her house and we'd take care of the horses and groom them. Sadly, one day they went bankrupt and sold the farm and moved away.

THEN I had to get my OWN. Like everyone, I started out wanting the big black Friesan stallion who I would name Stormy. I'm over that now. LOL. I started getting horse ridding lessons from a lady down the road. I became great friends with her little sister who is 10 days older than me. After that my horse life went up hill!

I started to go to horse shows and tack shops with them and me and her would have sleepovers and spend the whole time ridding. Right now I'm hooked on Arabians and love them to death!!! I just bought my own paddock boots and half chaps and I'm the happiest person in the world. And this weekend I get to go to a horse camp with my friend. It will be the best and hopefully I can get that arabian soon!


When I grow up I'm gonna get a degree in forensic science and move to Montana. There I'll have a big ranch of show jumping Arabians. I'll also be a famous horse jumper. Look out for me in the next 10 years :P

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Dec 01, 2010
by: Sydney

i hope you fulfill your dreams! :) good luck!

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