How I Got My Horse Midnight

I started riding Midnight when I was six. He's a black stallion. I took lessons, but I was getting bored riding the same horses. So one day, I looked out to the pasture, and there was a black stallion looking straight at me!

I asked if I could ride him, and my horse trainer said yes. I enjoyed him so much, that next time I went to school I told everyone I owned a horse! Well, my mom found out and told my horse trainer. My horse trainer told her she would talk to me.

So the next time I came for a lesson, and rode Midnight, she told me I could have him! I was so excited! I really did have a horse! He was the horse that I rode every week.

My parents were paying the board, but soon they couldn't afford it. My horse trainer said it was fine, and let us keep Midnight there for free! And that's how I got Midnight, and I still love him!

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May 08, 2013
I own a horse too!
by: Avelon

Wow maybe we can be horse sisters. I own a horse too. Her name is Lightining. She is very fast. I have a barn behind my house she lives there. She is white.

Feb 17, 2013
by: Jewelpony

Your horse is so cute! You are lucky that you got one. :(

Jan 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

you are so lucky. i wish i had a horse but i just go over to my dad's friend's place. she has 3 horses, i love to hang out there and help her. their names are ed ,tiger and carry. i love them! they are the closest thing i have to my own horse :P

Dec 27, 2012
by: C.SmileyHeartHorses

you really are lucky! I wish that one day would be my lucky day and I'll find a horse in the paddock that would be all mine.

Nov 21, 2012
Lucky dog
by: Tiffani

Wow you are so lucky, if I owned a horse it would be the light of my world.

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