Horsie Talk

I am totally horse crazy because I LOVE horses and everything to do with them.

I have only taken lessons for five months and by lesson 2 I knew that riding is my favorite thing in the universe. And I'm good at it too :)

The school horse I ride is named Martie. I have ridden other horses but he is by far my favorite. This week we actually get to move on from the basics and start jumping and dressage! I am so thrilled! I actually get to feel what it is like to be suspended in the air on a 2000 pound horse! (even if it is just for a few seconds).

The funny thing about Martie is he has so many facial expressions. For example a few weeks ago we had a Christmas Gymkhana. When he saw that somebody was going to jump him over a giant blow up Santa you should have seen the look on his face! It was priceless!

I REALLY hope you choose me to have my own website all about my favorite animal in the universe (horses!) and my favorite sport in the universe (horseback riding); so that I can talk to people virtually all of the time that are totally horse crazy just like me :)

But just in case your still not convinced on how totally and utterly horse crazy I really am I have one more thing to say.

I actually like mucking stalls and cleaning tack and all of the dirty jobs. WHY? I like it because it makes the horse I'm doing the things for happy when his stall is clean and it makes riding all the much better when the tack is clean :)

Well that's all I have to say for now but trust me I could talk about horses 24/7 if someone was willing to listen :)

Your horse crazy friend,

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