by Jessica
(Ruther glen, va)

Hi!My name is Jessica. I live on a farm. Well, it's not really a farm to me, but some people would call it that. We have 1 dog, 2 parrakets,1 fish, a bunch of chickens,BABY CHICKS!,and 13 goats. 8 ARE BABYS AND THEY ARE SO CUTE! I also have two brothers. they live with the chickens. ( Just Kidding). I have been Horsecrazy since I was little like most girls are. I like to write storys and I am working on a horse book that I want to publish. Yes I know I have high hopes! I love horses and dogs,and luckily I got a dog, but when I went outside that Cristmas when I got my dog, guess what? No horse. but I was still happy about the dog. My favorite horses are Frisiens, Araibiens and Rocky mountains.Anyway,I plan to write somemore stuff,but for now that's about it. Come back soon. I might have more stuff and this is an awsome site! P.S The picture is of my dog Jessie. (She is a girl.)

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