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by Amity

It didn't take much for me to get hooked on them, just a few plastic figures and posters. I have loved horses for as long as I remember, and also wanted one for as long as I can remember. They have always been my favorite animal... What can I say, I'm horse crazy and also proud of it!

I've only ridden a horse about 7-15 times but get attached with each horse I ride. My first experience on a horse was a while ago, My whole family came. A special little treat for me.

I can still remember when I stood up on the block waiting to get on my shy little mare. "Have you ridden before?" The man said in a sweet but heavy voice. My mother answered for me. "No, I'm afraid she hasn't." He looked down at me and then walked away slowly.

When he returned he was holding some reins, well- and a horse! I fell in love with it instantly, He said he'd give me a boost. He looked for the stirrup, He a sheepish grin he replied: "sorry, I think I'll have to find another one!

When he returned- for the second time, A small bay mare stood before me! I was dumbfounded, Speechless, Utterly speechless. He gave me the boost I was promised and then led my horse over to a part of a paddock were people going to ride waited.

When I rode over I was reunited with my mum on her horse "Judy." A large black horse. "Hey darling." She said sweetly. "Hey." I replied in a small voice.

When everyone was ready to go, We were led down a wide path, enough to fit at least 7 people on horses next to each other- If they were squished tightly enough. I was somewhere in the middle and didn't know were anyone was!

Soon enough we arrived at a little road. Everyone started crossing the road, except me and my horse, Wanda. She had a different idea and that was to eat. When she decided she had finished she trotted across slowly.

Everyone including there horses stopped for a second. Somebody announced that we have to go in single file now because were going into the woods. The least experienced riders had to go into the front me, my brother and a few othersand the most experienced had to go at the back.

We soon came to a medium sized cottage- like the one similar to the one in the "3 little bears" fairy tales. We stopped and had some coffee and biscuits leaving our horses out side for some fresh air and a small rest.

When everyone came out of the cottage I was asked if I could swap horses with someone by and instructor. She told me a story of how that girl had recently fallen of a horse and wanted a slower one, and well that was Wanda. Reluctantly I said yes to swapping.

So that brings me to Speed's ride! When we were coming back people who wanted to could have there horse gallop down a hill, With the riders of course. Me, as the little thrill seeker I was was prepared to go down the hill with my family!

When we went down the hill after about 6 seconds somebody fell of there galloping steed and was sent to hospital. I, luckily made it and so did the rest of my family!

And that is the story of my first ride!

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