Horsessss Rock - Cheyenne

by cheyenne
(sandown nh)

Cheyenne and Tinkerbell

Cheyenne and Tinkerbell

I'm Cheyenne. i love to ride horses and i've been riding for 6 years I am horse crazy because the first time I saw a horse I fell in love in an instant.My friend introduced it to me.

I mean who wouldn't fall in love with a horse?!

I have a horse and shes perfect she the best thing that ever happened to me. I have a room that is full of horse toy statues, posters, and lots more!

I have books, DS and computer games. well i love all animals so i have everything animal.

My horse is Tinker bell and she will jump anything you will put in front of her she is the best but the one thing i don't like about her is that shes allergic to hay and can only eat grass. But she is very good.

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Mar 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

hey I noticed u commented and i noticed on the other blog the horse does look a little different :D. But if you look really close you can see the Palomino spots on him in both pics!

Oct 06, 2008
by: Sandy

you and your horse look different from the other it really you in both the pics?

Apr 02, 2008
by: Anonymous

i love this too you're the best

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