by Lex

Hi my name is Lex.

My website is a site I made because I love horses. I have worked with many people and their horses and when I'm done working with them they say that I work miracles.

I've worked with horses that were abused, forgotten, deserted, neglected, and hard-ridden (what I call riding your horse to long and to hard). I give you advice to fix your problems and you can tell me if it worked or not. You can even add photos, videos, and news (you have to be a member first). I started my website on December 10 2010 so it still looks new. I have never abused a horse in my life. I have never been neither scared of, nor tried to break a horses spirit.

I hope you would become a member of my website and can give me some tips on how I can make the site better. Thank you for your time.

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