by haylee b
(columbus ohio)

I have loved horses for 6 years.And i have ridden for about..... 3 years.It started by the fair ponies you ride at the obviously fair.Since then i have asked for models,toys and everything between.Then i started riding english at liberty farm in ohio.I became not a big fan of this place after 2 months.So i quit and a while later we found dare equestrian center.As in we i mean me and my grandma who is the woman that made all this happen.The first time i sat to watch a lesson and a pony ran off with a rider!! But that didnt matter i still wanted to do it.So i started on a beautiful 22 year old quarter horse,Polly.A bucking horse but till this day she has never done it with me.After the first week my sister decided to join and started on a 22 year old bay quarter horse,Moonie.Soon i had gotten rid of a back rider and rode by my self.While i fell in love with a tall flea-bitten grey thouroubred,Brie,my sister fell in love with a fast paint,ranger.We soon found out he was for sale and talked to our grandma we were ready to get him.We went online shopped for tack and everything and caculated it all.THEN we found out he had navicular disease.It is a bone in the heel and would cause pain.We were going to do a surgery which caused $1500 to $2500.It would mean he wouldnt live for much long and we decided to wing it.So we went on with lessons and thought about it and looked online and found a beautiful standardbred named smokey.We were going to test ride him but that date became unknown.So again we countinued with lessons and soon my sister joined the iea team so she could show.She did so great she went to nationals winning 1st place.Iwent every time helping and holding horses.But i joined the team in 2009 august and did so bad i wouldnt place or i would get 4th and 5th.But this year 2010 i plan to do better.I currently dont own a horse but want to at least lease sometime!. thanks for listening!

p.s. yes i have fallen off while cantering english on tall thourohgbred brie with no stirrups.It wasnt her fault i just lost my balance!

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Jul 27, 2010
by: Sydney

You and your sister must be really good riders. Hope you guys find a horse soon. And don't worry I'm sure you will get placed really well this year.

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