Horses though life!

by By HorseCrasycinta
(Victoria, Australia)

Hi. I love to spend my spare time watching or playing with my family’s ponies Gypsy and Spirit. I love my ponies and I love to lead them around and groom them. We do have horses and I that I go and see nearly every day.

It all started when I was born on a farm. I remember my dad told me that I used to pull the old Horse Nacca’s hair/mane. My dad and mum broke up after my second birthday so mum and I moved to the city.

We were all unhappy mum would cry in bed, dad used to call me and say how much he loved me even know I didn’t understand him and I would say dad! Dad! Every second of the day. I go and see my dad every holiday or weekend so I am lucky.... Enough! :(

My mum and dad agreed that I would move in with dad when I am about 13 to 14, I can't wait until I Move in with dad.

I guess I have loved horses and ponies ever since!! :) I love you dad and I miss you Gypsy and spirit. I miss you!

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