horses rock the world

by Jessica
(Strasburg, ND, United States)

i just love horses. i think they are the best animals in the world. they are smart,loving,and caring animals,that should always be taken care of. i never really started to love horse until my mom met her boyfriend Dan,a cowboy. so we would go and visit him on his farm. he had 4 horses so i got to see them whenever we went to his farm on the weekends. his horses names are (bee,10)(copper,7)(leroy,4) and(princess,bee's foal,1),and later copper and leroy mated and had a foal that we later named lonestar. bee was always the leader of them all. and my favorite was copper. she was very good with children. but i didn't get to ride her very often. one weekend while were out on the farm dan decide we were gonna go on a trail ride to town which was 15 miles from the farm. i rode copper all the way to town. and it was my very first time actually riding horse. i did good the whole way to town. some other people we knew also rode to town with us. that was a very hot but also very memorable day in my life. i was very proud of myself for getting to town. since then we've moved to north dakota from south dakota. when we moved we didn't take princess with us. we just recently sold bee and lonestar. we've still got copper and leroy. i haven't gotten to ride copper very much since we moved. she's not as nice any more but after we get done with our next move we're gotten get me into some riding lessons so maybe she'll straighten out. i would absolutely love! to start barrel racing. i think it's the coolest thing ever. i think and dream about it. so i hope i can start soon!!!
now we're gonna be moving to colorado. i hope it all works out. were hoping to find a stable where we can board our horses. and get western riding lessons.this is my story thank you very much for reading it!

i love horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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