Horses rock my socks!!!!

by Maddy
(Boonville, Indiana, U.S.A.)

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I am Horse Crazy because I started riding when I was 6. Now I show and jump with Ponies of Americas which is a pony youth organization. I have loved horses ever since then..

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Mar 12, 2009
by: olivia

hi iam olivia and i think you are really cool.

i think u could have made the name a little better but horses rock blank i dont know what could come next but i agree that horses toatally rock


Jun 17, 2008
Horse pen pals and chat
by: Sydney's Mom

Hi Sierrah,

I wanted to let you know that the reason we didn't set this site up with chat is because we try to be really careful about protecting your privacy. We don't want any weirdos trying to talk to our hcg's!!

But if you are interested in that kind of thing (horse chats, not weirdos), then there is a site that Sydney is also on called You can set up a page there and write about your adventures etc.

I hope this helps and thanks for being part of our site!

Jun 08, 2008
What the heck!
by: Sierrah

I loved your story it was awesome. But why do you call it horses rock my socks? That was a really cool name! If you want to say something i have a story called "horse fanatic" so we can chat back and forth. We could be pen pals! I'm from Minnesota. I'm 10, Have browns eyes blond hair and live in St.Joesph by Avon. Don't worry i'm not a geek or a chess playing girl i'm a country girl. and you may think that i'm one of those girls that likes to show off or speak her mind well i'm not. And by the title of your story i think your pretty cool. please right back! And by the way i'm typing you would think i'm a F- sudent but i'm not. And if your older than me could you also tell if anyone else is ten on this web page cause i want a pen pal so bad from a different state.

May 17, 2008
sounds fun!!
by: PonyPal

I started riding when I was 6 too. horses and ponies rock.

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