by Natasha

Hiya people like me lol (horse lovers) I go horse riding at a place in UK. I am riding at my uncle's place because he has another horse, yey I cant wait.

I love horses because they are so beautiful and elegant I love how they move with there necks arched and I love cantering it is the best ever well galloping is probably but hey, I wouldn't know because I haven't galloped yet!!! But hopefully I will soon.

The picture uploaded isn't my horse I found it off the internet but yeah I can't get a horse, but I would love to have one. I love horses that is why I am so excited about riding my uncle and auntie's horse, its going to be great I might even try to gallop I hope I get to!!

Hey if you aren't allowed to get a horse ask your parents if they will let you have lessons instead, for those of you who don't know, you don't need your own horse to have lessons you ride the stables horses but everyone probably knows this because your horse lovers!!

I had to keep asking my mum and dad if I could have lessons an they said no so I looked up on the internet cheap horse riding lessons and came up with the one I go to now. We pay 10 pounds for half an hour lesson.

I have now been riding for 3 whole years and it has been great fun!! Yey to horses for bringing your glory to this world!! Horses are great!!! Bye xx

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