Horses, Ponies, and Minis, Oh My!

by Adrienne

My name is Adrienne, I'm 14, and I am a horse crazy girl. NOT AFRAID TO SAY SO, EITHER! <3

Would you believe I was horse crazy because I nearly plummeted from the back of a wild trotting horse? Yes.. yes.. trotting, but overweight horses are very bouncy, especially when their saddle is not on taut, and their rider is a small girl who has never set foot in a stirrup until that day. *Growls at terrible instructors*

Ever since I went to that horsemanship camp, I have been so obsessed with horses! I enroll in everything the finances allow that has to do with anything horsie.

I was really sad when the stable 5 minutes from our house shut down. Immediately, I found another AMAZING stable to ride at, 20 minutes away. My new instructor is very generous and cares for her students and horses. The first stable I went to, I felt left out and confused because that stable had its own clique. At this new stable, everyone can talk and laugh and share because we hold the same passion for horses. Yay horses!

I work every Saturday at that stable now after being set back a few months from my back being fractured.. D:

I am still waiting for the doctor to tell me when I can start riding again. He's afraid of horses! He said they're big animals with little brains. >: Arr, Mr. doctor! :P

My instructor lets me work at horse shows with her, and at the barn. She lets us work off free riding time, where we get to ride however we want (To our level and the horse's level). It is really amazing!

I hope you enjoyed my little journey of horses.. the story is still in the write! :

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