Horses = Love!

by Anna
(Gresham OR, U.S)

I absolutely love horses!

I used to ride, but then it got too expensive for us, so we had to stop. My favorite horse that I ever rode was named Sky, and she was a fleabitten grey Thoroughbred. I loved her to death, and she was a great jumper. But she had colic a lot so she had to be put down. I love you, Sky!!

10 reasons why I am HorseCrazy:
1) Horses are the best animal in the whole world!
2) My walls are COVERED in horse posters from magazines.
3) I have a lot of Breyer horses and other figures.
4) I love to draw them!
5) I always think about them, everyday at school.
6) Sometimes I even act like one!
7) I know a lot about horses.
8) I play on a TON of Horse game websites, like Howrse.
9) I talk about horses even when people don't understand me.
10) I freak out whenever I see a pretty horse out the car/school bus window!


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