Horses, Love, Rodeo, My life - Chapter 1


Chapter one: The greeting

The sun shined through a crack in my cretans. I opened my eyes and the sun lit up my whole room. I threw the covers off and jumped out of the bed. I walked toward the bathroom. I twisted the knob on the sink the water came rushing out like a water fall.

Cupping my hands to collect water, I splashed the water on my face. the cold water made my eye open wide. I walked back to my room and in to my closet. My closet full of blue jeans, t-shirt, and my cowboy boots. I picked out my favorite jeans and t-shirt with my old worn out cowboy boots. Before I put my boots on I scurried out the door before dad could hear my. I placed my boots on my calloused feet. Before I got to the barn i cold hear the horses they were ready for breakfast, So I walked to the barn when i turned on the lights the all started to neigh.

“Shh,”I told them,”Don't wake up dad.”
“So who wants to go for a ride,”I asked.
No one answered so I said ,” How about you bandit.” Bandit is my trick riding horse.

Bandit hasn't had a lot of exercise lately. I reached for his halter on his stall door, And slipped it over his head. I opened the door and lead Bandit out side to the hitching post. While Bandit was outside I walked to the tack room and grabbed a cow saddle,a blanket, and a head stall. After Bandit was tacked i climbed on and we took off to the fields. The wind blew through my hair, the fresh air, the country side I love it. It makes me feel alive. Bandit slowed down when we got to a field full of corn.

“Whats wrong?“I asked. Bandit was being very spooky, so I walked him through the field. We were half way through the field when a big crow flies up spooking Bandit throwing me on to the ground. Bandit takes off leaving me stranded.

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