Horses, Horses and Horses!

by Alex

Hi my name is Alex and my life is devoted to horses and Glee. I have loved horses forever and I have something really important to ask you, but before that, you need to know a bit more about me. . .

Ever since I was little, I have had a connection with horses. My fave show was Saddle Club. I love riding, and I always went on trail rides. When I was about 10 (I am 12 now) I started riding lessons and rode a beautiful horse called Max. Last year for my birthday I had a pony games day party which was so much fun! Now I have had to stop riding at my riding school due to the expenses and we are looking for a new place. I really loved it there. Anyway, on to the important stuff!

My mom's friend just bought a big property and it has room for cattle, sheep etc. so she said when he settles down we might get a horse to go there! I am excited but I am doubting what she said. How can I persuade her to let me have a horse at his house? And please could you give me ideas on what I would have to do to look after the horse and stuff like that.

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