Horses drawn in Photoshop

by Sophie

Chess- This is a drawing i did of my horse when i first got her. Like the horse but I failed at drawing a shadow :P

Grey- This is a drawing i did about last year but i redid the line art and re-shaded it :)

Rescue Rally- This horse is a design i came up with in school and photoshopped it for a contest.

Trevor- This is a drawing of a horse one of my friend rides at college :)

iv been drawing horses since i can remember, i'm now 14.

Hope you like and please comment about any improvements :) xx

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May 17, 2011
by: Sydney

Hey Sophie,

Your post got me really excited... but then I realized you forgot to upload your photos. Can you try and submit them again? We would really love to see your horse art!

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Your turn! Show Your Horse Art!.