Horses aren't my whole life... they make my life whole

by Kyura
(Federal Way)


My whole life has been about horses. When I was 5 was the first time I'd ever ridden(I was lead by a old friend).

When I was 8 I wanted to find something I could do research, keep forever, and that was not a phase. So I found that ever since I was little I've LOVED horses! So I asked for riding lessons, dad said if I could find a place. I did a bunch of research with my step mom to find somewhere, after 3 weeks I gave up(stupid right).

Now that I'm 11, when me and my Dad were having a conversation he asked " If you could have anything and money wasn't a problem, what would you want?" You probably know what I said. Without hesitation I replied "A horse". So that started our trek through ONLINE REVIEWS ABOUT STABLES!!

When we found the place Shaneise my step mom wanted to see the somewhere. On that drive I could barely hold in my excitement,I WAS GOING TO A STABLE AND SAY HI TO THE HORSES!!!! I didn't know why Shaneise kept repeating " Kyura remember we will not be riding." riding wasn't half of it I WANTED TO SEE THE HORSES!!!

Ever since that day I've been riding on a chestnut mare pony named Penny. ( I'll up lode pic of her later if I can.) Daddy said that if I show him I'm responsible and get good grades, when we move he'll think of me and buy land!!! Right now I'm happy and horse crazy as can be. *;)

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Nov 10, 2020
Horse Crazy
by: Misty

I love horses! They are my life and love. Even if I don't ride, my love for horses never stops. I hope you are happy with your horse!

Mar 22, 2018
by: SafiaTheHorseGirl

Hi! I'm Safia and I'm sooo horse crazy and I want to be a show jumper. Byeeeee!

Mar 13, 2018
by: Anonymous

That's really cool! I don't have a horse of my own but I ride at a stable. And even if it takes a while to get a horse, keep riding!

Sep 10, 2017
Good for you
by: Anonymous

Keep your chin up, heels down, and have a positive attitude!

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