Horses are the best Therapy!

by Pamela
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Me Riding my cousin's horse Sugar.

Me Riding my cousin's horse Sugar.

I am truly horse Crazy. I am half blind, and have been the proud owner of horses since I was 13 years old. Since I started I have owned over 175 horses. I currently own 4 wonderful horses with my husband, and wouldn't have it any other way.

I currently have a 3 year old grey Arabian stallion named Sultan, a 8 year old Arabian gelding named Sovereign, and a dark brown and white pinto mare named Sky Dancer. My husband's horse, is a sorrel and white mare named Beauty.

My horses are the best therapists, because they are always there to listen with non-judgmental ears. I can tell them all of my deepest darkest secrets because no matter how hard a person tries they will never ever share the secrets that I've entrusted them with.

No matter how bad I feel, how sad I am, or how hurt I may be before I enter the barn, they always make me feel better. Just the sounds of their happy neighs and whinnies boost my spirit no matter how down I think I am.

If I can't have my horses than I'm simply not myself. GIVE Me HORSES OR GIVE ME DEATH! (NOT REALLY, but pretty close LOL)

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