horses are my world

by Leah P,
(north carrolina)

I love my horse     I LOVE HORSES

I love my horse I LOVE HORSES

i don't really known but one day i saw an add in a kroger near where i live so i asked my mom if i could go she didn't like the idea at first but now i show and every thing else i don't own a horse but the horse i ride is shadow he is 7 years old and me and my trainer are training him to jump he is really fun to ride and i wish that he was mine but i really don't want a horse because i like to try out different ones because somewhere out in the world there might be a horse that i would like more than shadow but right now he is my only horse so that is only a handful of the reasons that i love horses if i listed all of them i would have to almost right a couple of books

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