Horses are My Life x

by Angel

Horses mean so much to me and my family. When I first sat on a horse I loved it, wasn't scared at all. I took my first fall at 4 years old and I got straight back on. I own my 3 horse's Candy, Hazel & Tangle. My sister Courtney also Owns 3 called Starry(Starlight), Charcoal & Hayley. Courtney's twin Sister Jazmin Owns 2 Midnight and Dancer. My younger sister owns 1 too, Jessica (Jessy).

I do lots of work with horses, I like Jumping and Cross Country when riding Hazel because she make's it so easy! Although I love doing Dressage on Candy as she never puts a hoof wrong! Tangle... has just come home from the other side of the world and so I've been working with her. She's learned lots since she's been home and I'm planning to show her next weekend. :)

I haven't rode Candy for a while because she is pregnant! I'm not sure who the Sire is! But I really don't care. Ive been thinking bout names lately and I cant find the right one so if you have any ideas you would like to share feel free to.

When I'm older I either want to be a Riding Eventer and maybe ride in the Olympics some day! If not then I wanna work or run my own riding school! Anything horsey really!

I love horses so much, and they love me back! I'm not a afraid of any horse and I always like to help out with anything! I'm still training my sisters horse Charcoal because he's a naughty boy with her! But he listens to me more so I guess its best if i take him on! Lol!

I love my life so much, thanks to my parents! But A BIG THANKS TO THE HORSES TOO!!:P XX

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Aug 08, 2012
by: DressageGirl01

For Candy's baby's name yo might want to try something like Snickers or Lollipop or some kind of candy cuz her mom's name is Candy.

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