Horses Are Great Workers and Used to Be Overworked

by Shreya

Hi,my name's Shreya and as you can guess, I AM HORSE CRAZY TOTALLY! Did you know horses can make excellent workers? It's soooooooo true! For example,horses pulled canal boats! Don't know what a canal is? Then visit:
(Yes,the c is supposed to be a capital.)
Another example that you probably know of is horses pulled carriages. The Amish still do so today! Horses also used to be overworked. I think I read somewhere that this is why Anna Swell wrote the story "Black Beauty"! I wonder if they are still being overworked today as you read this! I sure hope not!! Well,anyways,thanks for visiting and I truly hope you enjoyed this! Please visit again! Bye!:)

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Jan 28, 2010
Horses on the Titanic
by: Nicole

I almost cried when I heard this--- everyone knows the Titanic right?? well I read that in the Titanic they used 20 horses to hold an anchor--- and the worst part is the Titanic sunk.... think about it!!! It's horrible!!!

Jan 28, 2010
by: Shreya

Hi horseluver2! Yes, I have heard the expression "work horse".

Jan 27, 2010
horses work hard
by: horseluver2

Hi Shreya! I wouldn't be surprised if some people still overwork horses. I hope not. You've heard the expression "work horse?"

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