HorseMad and proud <3


Me riding Copper

Me riding Copper

Hi I'm Keeley and completely horse mad I've never had or owned my own horse, I help down at a yard near me with my aurnties haflinger cob Saffron she is a 14hh mare and a right sweaty.

I love horses and ponies with a pation I don't stop talking about them my friends are always like shut up about horses,but I can't help it lol.

I have a lot of mates who have horses or are interested in them, I love horses because they're so beautiful and amazing creatures that are gawjus to ride, I've been riding for just over 2 years now and I came 3rd in my last show out of 18 people altogether.

I've rode on all sort of different horses and ponies and enjoyed every second of it I'm not much of hacking person I love to go in the school.
Horses and ponies mean the world to me and I've been wanting my own since I was about 4, I'm now 13.

I've loved horses nearly all my life because they're the most gawjus animals ever they're fur coat is so shiny in the sun and I hate it when my parents say you don't want a horse they're to much money to look after and you don't understand how much it will be. But I do understand.

I've been involved in about 6 horses in my life non of them were mine they were my mates or my aunties and I hate being parted from them for a different horse but its life.

I go to the stables every weekend but sometimes my auntie doesn't pick me up I haven't rode for about 6-7 months now and its killing me. I know will get a horse one day my childhood has been really hard for me I might be started.

Thanks for reading my story riding again with my mates next door neighbor when she is back of her holidays. I'm just so horse mad.

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