by Teona
(New York)

These animals are so beautiful. They have a very big heart and they love you a lot.

My horse is my best friend, I tell him my secrets. They can't talk but they understand you. They understand every word you say to them. My secrets are safe with my horse because he won't tell anyone about them.

My friends at school laugh at me. They think that horse riding is stupid but I don't think so.

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Jan 09, 2011
your life, your friends
by: TheCougar

First of all, I agree whole-heartedly. But in my opinion, if your friends are actually laughing at something that is a big part of your life (which is in no way amusing), even if jokingly, I would be sure to make sure they realize right away that I take my horse career serious and that I do not enjoy it when my "friends" poke fun at me.
Sad enough, there is such a thing as 'the wrong crowd'. Try to find the other horse-crazies and cling to them.

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