by Rosalind

Here's my story of why I am horse crazy!
Well , when I was about 2/3 I went to a farm where my brother goes riding. My mum said there would be big horses and I needed to be extra careful.

For a week, I was so excited! When we were driving, I was asking my mum about 50 questions and up. When we got there, I jumped out and ran to the tack room. In there, there was stacks of helmets, boots, rosettes, biscuits, the list was endless. I took a biscuit from the tin and sat down.

My mum went to get my older brother ready, so I went to look at the horses. There was a big old horse called badger. I said ' Hi horsey! ' ( or so my mum says!) he reached down and nuzzled me! From that day on, I went pony mad. Here is a list of things I have in my room:

a pony notebook (or 5o!)
a Katie Price's perfect ponies book
pony pens
a pony pencil case
three shelves full of pony books
a pony notice board
pony gloves for reins
pony jeans
pony tops
pony socks
pony pants
pony schoolbag
I can't finish this list , my fingers hurt

I also go riding every Saturday and am going to pony camp and I want a pony!!

That's why I'm pony mad!!

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