by Julia
(New York)

Well I geuss I got that way when my cousins lead me around on one of their horses in Pennsylvaina. I don't really have a horse, but if I did I would have a bay American Quarter horse with a blaze and four socks.

The coolest things that happened to me on a horse was easily when I won a blue ribbon in pleasure class.(I hardly win anything.) Another cool thing that happend was when I went on my first trail ride I rode with my cousins in Pennsylvania.

We went to a waterfall that looks like an upside down Resses peanut butter cup, and we waded in the stream and saw the bath tub (a 5 ft. deep hole that had crayfish in it).

The weirdest thing that happend to me on a horse was when I was riding a horse named Rascal, my first mistake, well I was just learning so we were trotting around the arena and I guess when he saw another horse jumping he wanted too as well so Rascal tock of in the opposite direction and flew over that jump, he didn't even knock down a pole and as he jumped I flew out of the saddle but the weird thing is I didn't fall. I was stuck on his neck.

That's it then!

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Sep 06, 2010
your story
by: Sydney

thanks for sharing your horsecrazy story! loved it!

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