HorseCrazy Sienna

by Sienna
(Nowra hill, Nsw, Australia )

I started being horse crazy by my best friend Lily! I went over her house and she has 3 horses I rode a 16 hh gelding standard bred named Chester!! He is such a lovely horse now. Just about every time I go to lily's house I ride Chester!!

The very first time that I ever rode was when I was 4. I think it was a dapple grey or something like that and I got lead at a walk and I tried a trot but it was too bumpy.

Once, I made a bad decision. I went to tickle the horse's tummy but I got to its flank and he almost trod on me!!

So I am currently 12 turning 13, I am about 5ft 10inchs. In my spare time I like to see if I can go riding at Lily's or I do some sowing and drawing. As you can tell I don't have one but I'm dying for one!!!

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