Horsecrazy Olivia!

by Olivia

Hi, my name is Olivia! I have been totally horse crazy for only 3 years, but I went to a 2 month long horse camp where we learned years of riding. I rode a bay quarter horse mare named Tess, she is 20 years old (she was 17 at the camp), stubborn, but not lazy, and I love her so* much and I rode western at that camp, and we did some barrel racing. I ride English now, but oh well.

I do not own a horse, but I lease one. Her name is Spot and she is a rich chestnut quarter horse crossbreed, and she is 4. She is hyper and spunky, but I am a more advanced rider so I know how to handle her.

I live in the USA but I lived in Australia pretty much my whole life (I was born in the USA though). Right now I have a dog, 2 cats, 3 fish, and 1 kitten.

Back in Australia, I rode an old Mustang crossbreed gelding named Image (he was 30 I believe). I LOVE horses and they are pretty much my life! They come before EVERYTHING! (Well besides family, friends, and Him).

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