Horsecrazy by Taylor


I am so in love with my horse, he is the sweetest horse ive ever met and im so glad i chose him to be my partner. He is a great horse even though he is young and hes always calm at shows when i am nervous. My best ride would probably be when i won my first 1st place on my horse. It was the most exciting thing!

I have always been horsecrazy, whenever me and my father would drive past a place with horses i would always make him stop and let me get out to pet them. I never really played with barbies or dolls it was always horses, plastic horses, breyer horses and all the other horse toys you could think of.

It was all my mom's fault when i was 6 months old my mom put me on a horse and from that moment i knew i was ment to be on horses. Horses aren't my whole life but they do make my life whole.

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