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This is my baby! I looove you Miss Midnight! <3 <3 <3

This is my baby! I looove you Miss Midnight! <3 <3 <3

I have loved horses since before I could talk. I have always been captivated by them. Their strength, beauty, grace, and personalities have interested me ever since I first saw a horse.

About four years ago someone told my parents about a barn near us that offers inexpensive lessons. They knew how much I loved horses, so they signed me up for lessons. I fell even more in love with horses after my very first lesson. I have fallen countless times, and most were pretty hilarious, so I'll explain some to you!

~ I was riding an old lazy horse (she's my baby and I love her) and we were cantering up to a tiny little vertical, probably around 16" high. I was in jumping position way to early and totally over-jumping, so the horse decided to stop right before the jump. I was so far ahead I just flipped over her head and fell onto the jump.

~ I was practicing jumping position on the flat at a canter (on the same horse as above) and we were doing pretty well. Suddenly the horse tripped and fell onto her front knees. I (once again!) slid down her neck and onto the ground, and she got up and continued cantering.

~ This is one of my biggest fails ever. I was riding a horse I was unfamiliar with. After I finished grooming him I tacked him up - as usual - and tightened his girth. His girth was snug like it should be, but not tight. I climbed onto the mounting block and got onto the horse. He took two steps and sat down like I dog!

I started freaking out and trying to get off, but then he lied down and tried to roll! I jumped off of him before he rolled over my legs, but I was so freaked out. Our trainer made us practice flying dismounts for the rest of the lesson. Haha :)

~ I was riding a tiny little pony, and I could honestly touch the ground on either side of me if my feet were out of the stirrups! (Yeah, not exactly the right sized horse for me :)) Everything was fine until I asked the pony to trot.

He reared and took off at a gallop, and I was hanging on for dear life. He started bucking and twisting and shaking and I eventually flew over his head and through the air, and I crashed into a wall. I cracked my helmet, and my collarbone in the process.

I hopped off the ground and looked around. I had a huge purple, black, blue and yellow bruise on my shoulder and a giant lump under my skin. My trainer tried to make me feel better by saying "I didn't know a horse could buck so high! His back legs were almost vertical!" Oddly enough, that didn't make me feel better. LOL! :)

Those are my favorite falls! I am still totally horse crazy and ride every week. I love to talk and I hope I can meet more horse crazy girls!

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Mar 22, 2012
She's not actually mine
by: Anna

She's not mine, she just feels like it.

Mar 19, 2012
by: Katie

those are some great stories! you are so lucky that you have your own horse! I bet she is sweet!

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