Horse World!

by Harriet

I totally love horses because i loved them since i was little,i love going horse riding,looking after horses, doing anything with horses makes me really happy!

I would love to have my own horse but we don't have the space, but no matter what i still love horses because there totally my favourite anamal!

Horses horses i totally wish i had my own also the saddle club makes me want one even more.
If i had my own horse i would like it to be brown all over with a brown main.I would probably call it coco because coco is brown and the horse is too.

I go to horse riding lessons but no very often because it is very expansive. Belive it or not my favourite t.v show is the saddle club guess why...because its to do with horses that i totally love!

Since i was little i loved horses and i still do believe it or not.If i was in the saddle club i would like to be lisa because she loves horses,she's nice, lisa is a good friend. Stevie and Carol are to though but i would rather be Lisa.

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