Horse Whisper

by Emily

Well every time I go anywhere and I see horse i drop everything I'm holding or stop talking to to look at the gorgous animals!! I have one of my own she is crazy but i can't dream of ever selling her even though I'm getting too big for her!! Many people told me it would me easy to have one horse.....they were wrong ....

I had to deal with a lot of trouble since I got Belle(my pony) I've had to drop after-school activites as well.... but whenever I'm upset I run out to Belle and I tell her what's bothering me and she makes it better!!!

The first time I jumped I loved it !!! It felt like I was flying in the air!! Belle made it all possible...You see shed buck and rear and do all sorts of things to me when i was on her. But without her I wouldn't be able to ride and I owe it all to Belle !! THE BESTEST HORSE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

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