Horse Tips for Beginners

by Heartbeat For Horses

Grooming for Beginners

To groom a horse, you'll need five basic tools: the curry comb, the hard or dandy brush, soft or body brush, mane and tail brush/comb, and a hoof pick.
  • The curry comb - a rubber bristled brush used in circular motion to loosen caked mud and dirt from the horses coat.

  • The hard or dandy brush - a hard bristled brush used in short quick stokes to removed the dirt you loosed with the curry comb.

  • The soft or body brush - a soft-bristled brush used in long soft strokes for a final polishing on the coat.

  • The mane and tail brush/comb - used to detangle and straiten the mane. Never comb the tail during the winter as the hairs do not grow back.

  • The hoof pick is used from heel to toe and is used to removed mud from the hoof, and rocks that may have been picked up.

Hope y'all enjoyed this! I am going to make this into a series. Next time, it will be tacking up so get ready for that!

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Apr 03, 2017
by: Dakota

Thanks for the tips! They'll be helpful reminders!

Apr 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

Wow, I learned a lot. Thanks!

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