Horse Show Story: Cody's Blue Ribbon

by Hailey
(Vergennes, Vermont )

It was the morning of my first horse show. I was 10, and hadn't t really ridden for very long. My horse, Kingsland Calvin, a Paint, was out of commission for severe bites on his back. So I ended up riding the oldest, slowest Quarter Horse at the barn.

Be Punk Cody was dead slow. He barely trotted, and had never been seen to canter the entire duration of his stay at our barn - 12 years. So I scratched from the Junior division and went in the Beginners.

Our first class, Equitation, there were 25 kids in there with us. Somehow, Cody and I got stuck pressed against the rail. No ribbon for that class. The classes went by. No ribbons. It was awful. Our final class of the day was Beginner Hunter Pleasure. I decided that because Pleasure is all about how fun the horse is to ride, Cody and I gave it our all.

Again, there were about 20 riders in our class. I worked around the other horses, and got several nice passes by the judge. Cody trotted in his best hunter form, and really worked his old heart out. When they called us to line up, I was so excited.

As they went through the places - 8th first, I didn't hear our names. My shoulders sunk farther with every place. I prepared to leave the ring, once again without a ribbon. Then, I heard the announcer. "And first place goes to... Hailey Cray and Be Punk Cody!!!!!!!" I was overjoyed.

Afterwards, at the barn, I pinned the ribbon to his stall. He deserved it. Later on, after I had moved barns, I learned it had been his last.

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