Horse Show Disaster

by Alice

I was out hacking with my mum on my cheeky gelding Paso and I had entered a comp with him but the rules said if anything happened I could change the horse I was riding. Suddenly Paso reared and I fell off then Paso ran off. I saw him fall over so I ran to him and mum was already there cause she was on a horse.

When I got there it wasn't good news, Paso had broken 2 of his legs! I was in tears when I was walking back to the yard. My mum called the RSPCA to help move him! 2 days later my mum bought me another horse it was a hack.

On the day of the horse show, I got called up for the show jumping and after the second fence my horse stopped. I got flung over his neck after all the new horse was a stallion, but after I got flung over the neck and before I had chance to get hold of the reins he ran off!

My mum caught the reins and stopped him so I retired out of the competition. :(

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by: Julianna

Noooo! That's terrible. You weren't hurt I hope... but I feel so bad for Paso. I hope he's all right. Give him my best wishes!

by: ponypersonpip

is paso alright?

Don't have a title!
by: Bec

Did Paso die? I hate it when animals die =(

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