Horse Ride In Equador

by Sunny
(Port Kelang, Malaysia (The World is my Home))

I love horses because they are beautiful, intelligent animals that listen when you tell them things. They will never give away a secret (except perhaps to another horse!)

Although I haven't had much time around horses, (Since I live on a boat,) they have always been my favorite animal, even though my brothers are scared of them because they are big animals and have the power to seriously injure you, and I trust them.

One adventure I had with horses was when we were in Equador. It was probably my second experience with horses, I was around eight years old. My younger brother was too young so my dad stayed with him. So my mom, older sister, two older brothers and I all got to ride horses galloping up the side of a mountain on a road with no railings. Unfortunately, since I was young I didn't get to ride by myself.

When we reached where the Spanish guys wanted to take us we had lunch. The view was beautiful. After having lunch we headed back down. This time I got to ride by myself, and I was in the lead (actually for both times..)

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Nov 17, 2010
by: Clare

That would be so SWEET!!!

Sep 19, 2010
by: Sydney

that's sooo cool!

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