Horse Rescue

by Emma

Foal whose mother was killed and the rescue center took in.

Foal whose mother was killed and the rescue center took in.

There is a place about three hours from my house in Spain where horses who have been abused or abandoned live. Most of the horses would never find a home anywhere else without the centers help. We go up there once a month. We raise money for them and get as many volunteers as we can get. Then we set off. Once we are there we help out.

My brother, my friends and I do stuff like: walk the horses, clean the horses, brush the horses, clean and play in the hay, and help prepare for lunch.

My dad, mom, and the other volunteers do stuff like: mucking out stalls (cleaning out stalls) fixing things, feeding the horses, clipping the horses hooves, and alot more. They don't only rescue horses, there are rescue dogs, cats, and birds. One time they had an iquana. At the end of the day we eat at TGI Fridays in Malaga.The horse rescue center is alot of fun!!!

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Oct 21, 2009
Hi Emma
by: Kate

Your so lucky to live in Spain. I would like to go there oneday, but I live a bit to far away (Australia). The foal is butifull. I had a beatifull Thoroughbred mare that was infoal not longago and she had problems foaling because the foal was to big. We could only save the foal(a little colt). He was so big that his legs wern't proply developed and he couldn't stand. So me and my brothers (I have three brothers, all older then me) had to take turns feeding him EVERY 2-3 hours. But because he couldn't stand up and walk he died after 2 days. I hope you have better luck with your foal, but atlest it can stand up. Gotta Gallop, I've got to feed my famlies other Thoroughbreds.:):):)

Dec 02, 2008
Hi Emma

You are so lucky to be able to help out at the center. You guys are doing some really good work that I wish I could do too. Do you see a lot of neglected animals? I'm sure it must be sad to see them. The foal in the picture is so sweet. How was her mother killed?
I'm writing a story called Fire Filly. It's also about a girl helping out at a horse center. I'm going to put it in the Horse Stories page. Read it

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