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I don't have my own horse yet, but a horse rescue group will be one of the first places I will look when I do get one. I love the work horse rescue organizations do. I've been a volunteer foster parent for kittens through my local Humane Society and it's so fun to help. (Take a look at the adorable kitten picture -- one of my favorite foster kittens -- at the bottom of this page).

Even if you can't rescue a horse yet, here are some really cool ways to help. If you find others, please let me know!

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Five Ways to Help Horses and Ponies In Need!

1. Donate $$ Every Time You Search!

I found the coolest site called GoodSearch. You choose a charity, and every time you search the Internet they donate a little bit of money to the group you choose. There are a bunch of horse and animal shelters on their list, so there is lots to choose from. It's so easy! Imagine every time you used Google if you could be giving money to help horses -- it's just like that.

Use GoodSearch & Help Horses Every Time You Search!

2. Just Click For Pets!

My friend Emma Jo's mom told me about The Animal Rescue Site that lets you donate food to animals in need every time you click on one of their sponsor links. You can go there once a day to click and help animals. Plus, if you buy anything from their store you will help even more. My mom is going to get the mug that makes an additional donation for Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas -- one mug buys enough to provide grain to feed a horse for a day.

The Animal Rescue Site: Click & Help Animals!

3: Volunteer at an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group

Look through our list of Horse Rescue Groups below to find one in your area. Find out if you can volunteer to help with the horses, fundraising, or other things they need!

4. Adopt a rescue horse or pony

Take a look at the horse rescue groups below. Many of them have horses for adoption. See if they can help match you to the right horse. And you'll feel extra good knowing you've helped save a horse!

5. Help With The Bales of Hay Program!

Here's another cool site that lets you donate bales of hay to rescue programs when you shop online. It's a great way to help rescue horses - show your parents!

Help rescue horses with the Bales of Hay Program!

Tell Us About Your Horse Rescue Organization

We want to hear about horse rescue groups. Feel free to list your rescue here - it's free. Please click on the help button on this invitation for detailed instructions.

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