Horse & Pony Things I love And Am Sad About

by Cynthia

I am horse and pony crazy because the first time I saw a horse I fell in love in an instant. I mean who wouldn't fall in love with a horse or pony?! I don't have a horse but I have a room that is full of horse toy statues, posters, and lots more! I have books,DS and computer games. I also have dog and cat things but not as much as my horse and pony things I have.

The first horse I had ever seen was a Palomino horse in Mexico. When ever I saw other horses on parades or people riding them I would squeal in delight.

I watch a show called Animal Cops Houston, Detroit, Phoenix and all the other shows, I saw cruelty and neglect. I got so mad that I began to cry and I also got mad. I saw Horses, Ponies, Dogs, and Cats (my favorite animals on Earth) half starved to death that they almost can't stand up anymore. Let's all join together and fight for the sake of the animals lives. Donate money to the nearest Humane Society in your area. I would give up my life to save all the animals in the world that are in suffering either cruelty, neglect or any other thing. Let's help our animal live!!!!

-Cynthia R.

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Sep 11, 2010
I'm with you
by: Carissa

I'm with you on that. I have had a dog my whole life and I LOVE her and you're right the things people do to animals these days are just sad, that's why I'm going to grow up to be an Animal Cop and save animals.

Mar 06, 2009
thank you
by: jessica

i am sooooooooooo happy that other people feel the same way i do about animals!!!!!


Sep 13, 2008
by: Jillian


Feb 28, 2008
Absolutely yes
by: Sydney

Cynthia -- I love your story, I watch those shows too and so does my mom. They are sad. We can't believe what people do to animals.

If you get a chance, go to my Horse Rescue page. You can use goodsearch as your search engine and donate every time you search the web. It may be a small amount but every bit counts.

I would love to rescue animals too. If we get a farm I will.

Keep fighting for the animals!!!!!!!!!!

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