Horse Poems and Songs

by Heartbeat for horses


Poem #1: Completely Undone (for Peppy)
Everyday I look at you
My heart melts in awe
I remember the first day
That i saw you in your stall

Every time I mount up on your back
Everything turns perfect there is nothing I lack
I take you 'round again and again
You truly are my best friend

Everyday that passes without you
I feel alone and incomplete
You make life worth living
Without you i would come completely undone

Poem #2: Just a Dream
A beautiful sight comes into view
A luscious golden coat sleek and clean
The color of a newly minted gold coin
But when I open my eyes I realize it was only a dream

A large bay stallion gallops into sight
His colors radiating in the moonlight
Its heaven to me it seems
But when I open my eyes I realize it was only a dream

I canter towards the Oxer
Trust in my partner
We jump the round clean
But when I open my eyes I realize its only a dream

I walk into the barn
And throw my arms around your neck
Together we are a fighting team
But this time I don't open my eyes
As this time it is no dream

Poem #3: The Journey
A little poem about the journey of your first ride to progressing and bonding with the horse of your heart. Who is the horse of your heart?

I clutch the reins, excitement running through
I grin a grin of excitement and stroke your fuzzy neck
We start off at the walk slow for sure
But none of that matters the first time on your back

Each time I ride I progress a little more
From first time trotting to first two-point
But I enjoy every second of it and that's the exact point

From trotting without stirrups and reins of a kind
To that first rolling canter
On that lunge line
From green ribbons to blue
I don't care about the color as long as I'm with you

Our bond has become so strong and true
I will love you forever and ever for we are best friends forever

Poem #4: Riley
A little poem my friend wrote and I told her I would post it for her about her favorite horse, Riley!

From black to gray
You stole my heart away
From dreams to reality
From lies to truths

From the walk to the canter
From the canter to a jump
From each bonding moment to each bonding hour
I love you although you can be a little sour

I love you more than loves true wish
I love you more than true loves first kiss
We will keep working hard and true
When your gone one day I will not forget you

Poem #5: I Miss You, Tango
So far from where you are
Miles and miles have torn us apart
Just want to let you know
Wherever you are I miss you

I know that this was for the best
And I know you had to leave
But I miss you
And I wish you were here with me

I remember all those memories we made
And all those years that were erased
I miss all the little things
I never thought that they would mean everything to me

I miss you
And I wish you were here with me

Poem #6: I never want to say goodbye
Today, I went to the barn for my lesson and heard Peppy had pulled up lame a few days ago. It's only a bruise and some inflammation but it really got me thinking. Yes, I'm a little worried because he's my best friend but it got me thinking about what I would do if he ever went permanently lame or passed on. I spent so much time with him today just talking to him, giving him little carrots and keeping him company. I love him so much!

I don't want to say goodbye
If you left me I wouldn't know what to do
You have helped me in every way possible
You've taught me love, courage and strength

When my heart is broken you're there right next to me
With a nudge or a nuzzle to calm my tears
You turn my frown into a big smile
And listen to me pour out my troubles and fears

I gave you half of my heart
And you gave me half of yours
I give you all of my love
And you give me all of yours

Each ride together
Our bond only grows
From no bond at all to unbreakable
We have been together

But when I do have to say goodbye
I'll never forget your sweet face
Or your charming love or your grace
I will never forget the love you give me

I never want to say goodbye...

Poem #7: Memories
So many memories
In the back of mind
Those wonderful moments
That you and I went to find

I remember out first jump
And our first blue ribbon
Our first dressage test
And how much love you've given

I remember when I was alone
And you stood by my side
You comforted me
When I cried

I'll always remember
These moments we've shared
You'll be by my side
Until the end

You're my best friend.


Song #1: Now That You're Gone (for Tango)
I used to braid your mane
Curly strands never tamed
Now that you're gone
I tell you it'll never be the same

I used to talk to you
About the silliest things
But you always listened
Now that your gone
I tell you it'll never be the same

I used to groom for coat
From mud caked
To flea bitten grey
Now that your gone
I tell you it'll never be the same

I used to let you graze
Lead rope in my hand
Now that your gone
I tell you it'll never be the same

Song #2: Long Live by Taylor Swift (Horse Edition)
I said remember this moment
In the back of my mind
The time we stood in the arena
The crowds and stands went wild
We were king and queen
As they read off our names
The night that you jumped like our lives would never be the same
You held your head your head like a hero
On a history book page
It was the end of a decade
but the start of an age

Long live the jumps we crashed through
All the lights shined on me and you
We were thinking long live all the magic we made
Bring on the jumpers
One day we will be remembered

I said remember that feeling
As we stood watching the others
Wishing for right now
You traded your stall for me

When they gave us our trophy
And I held it up for the crowds
The others were outraged
Screaming "This is absurd"
Because for moment a young girl and her horse got to rule the world

Long live all the moments we made
I had the time of my life
Spending time with you

Hold on to spinning around
As confetti falls to the ground
We will be remembered

Can you take a moment
Promise me this:
That you'll stand by me forever
But if God forbid fate should step in
And force us into a goodbye
If I have children someday
When they point to the pictures
I'll tell them you're name
Tell them how the crowds went wild
Tell them how you changed my life

Long live the jumps we crashed through
I had the time of my life with you.

Song #3: Catch my horse (A "Catch my breath" horse edition)
Just a little equestrian song parody of Catch my breath by Kelly Clarkson.

I don't want to be left behind
Strides were a friend of mine
Getting caught between the bounce
I've spent most of my life
Riding stirrup less,posting to the trot
Popping over small cross rails

But I've spent most of my time
catching my horse
letting it go
Walking off after hours
now that you know this is my life
You probably don't want be an equestrian

Catch my horse, no one can hold me back, I ain't got time for that
Catch my horse, won't let them get me down it's all so simple now.

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Mar 03, 2018
so cool!
by: Anonymous

Good job, that was really good. I have a pony named Peppy!

Feb 08, 2018
So sweet!
by: Anonymous

That was so sweet! I'm so glad that you have such an amazing horse to be by your side!

Feb 05, 2018
by: Heartbeat for Horses

When I see those big brown eyes
And that speckled grey coat
My heart melts to a puddle

When I climb into the saddle
Excitement fills my mind
A feeling of freedom fills me
When I'm by your side

My heart fills with love
Every time were together
My dear Riley
I hope you're mine forever

This little poem is about my current lesson horse, Riley. I love him so much, he brightens my world. I pray every night to lease him and I might happen. I love him with all of my heart and he brings out the best of me. Love you Ry guy... :)

May 23, 2017
Thank you!
by: Heartbeat for Horses

Thanks so much! I love writing poetry and equestrian song parodies!

May 18, 2017
Just awesome!
by: hoofbeats

So cool, Heartbeat for horses!

Apr 19, 2017
So nice!!
by: AHorseLovingGirl

These are so sweet and amazing! You really are talented at this, Heartbeat for Horses. :)

Apr 19, 2017
by: hoofbeats

Your poems are AMAZING!

Mar 30, 2017
by: hoofbeats

Could you please write more? They are SO good!

Mar 29, 2017
by: CC

Your poems and song are so beautiful, you and have the talent for writing. I can not wait until you write more! So keep on writing!

Mar 16, 2017
by: hoofbeats

I love them! They are SO cool!

Mar 13, 2017
by: GypsyVannerQueen

Love these poems (and song)! Very beautiful. Keep up the good work!

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