Horse Pictures: My Horse Beau

by Allison
(Lexington, Kentucky)

Beau and I at a western pleasure show

Beau and I at a western pleasure show

Beau and I at a western pleasure show
Beau's stablemate Ginger
Beau standin around

I first received Beau when I was about 12 years old but my family raised him since he was 1.

When my mom said it was time to train him, we started with ground work. Halter breaking was easy. Then we started putting saddles on him, picking up his feet, fitting the bridle and lunging him out.

When he turned 2 it was time for the riding, I had Beau so well-trained all I had to do was whistle for him and he went anywhere I was. I whistled for him, and tied him to the pole. I saddled him, bridled him and pulled his legs. I made him stand still and I put my foot in the stirrup.

I was nervous at first but my mom told me not to show fear. I hoisted myself up and into the saddle. I kicked Beau softly and told him firmly "walk on". He started walking and before I knew it we were trotting and cantering. It was so much fun.

Now Beau and I are very happy together. We do shows, western pleasure, and some English riding and amateur showjumping.

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