Horse Pictures: JES Patagonia

by Kylie
(Anderson, Texas)



Patagonia (Payton) is a beautiful dappled grey 7 year old Swedish Warmblood. She's an excellent jumper, jumps 4 ft right now.

She and I won 2nd place in our recent show. She does some trail riding, but she mostly a jumping horse. She's a very sweet horse, but also sassy at the same time!

I met her 2 days after I moved into my foster home (yes I am a foster).

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Aug 16, 2012
your horse
by: reina

what a beautiful mare. You are lucky! the closest I can get to having my own horse is by taking care of a gorgeous Quarter Horse Stallion named Tiger he is 28, liver chestnut coat, and is one of the three horses i have had a connection with. I am not a foster but my best friend Roxi she is an orphan her dad was stabbed to death may 26, 2010. Her mom died of an overdose on 12-31-2011. i went to the funeral and everybody cried and stayed home after it was over. her dad was a family friend for 20 yrs. She was 10 when her dad died and 12 when her mom died.

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