Horse Pictures: Davidson Josua Ram aka Rambo

by Mitzy Tait-Zeller
(Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada)

This is my Canadian stallion Rambo, I am including a little information on the Canadian Horse breed as the Canadian is still considered a rare breed.

Rambo was shown in halter as a young horse in Quebec, Canada and was Junior Champion at several shows in 2008 and 2009. Rambo came to western Canada in the fall of 2009, he is 7 yrs old. This stallion is from very old foundation bloodlines within the Canadian breed and we are very proud to own him and are currently breeding him to some top quality Canadian mares, one of which is also a halter Champion.

Most Canadians are black, chestnut or bay in color, however black is currently the most predominant color in Western Canada, Rambo is passing on his chestnut coloring in varying shades (light chestnut, red chestnut and liver chestnut) he also carries the bay gene and has a bay colt sired by him in Quebec.

The history of the Canadian Horse goes back to 1665, when King Louis XIV sent horses from his royal stables to the French Colonies in Canada. For almost 100 years these horses muliplied in a closed environment without the benefit of other bloodlines.

The horses sent from France were the only ones developed in the colony. These horses "le cheval Canadien" became the breed as we know it today. A hardy and well developed horse that is refered to as "the little iron horse" noted because of it's overall hardiness and hooves of iron.

Canadians are also known for their friendly temperaments and their abundant manes and tails. In 1895 veterinarian Dr. JA Couture founded the Canadian Horse Breeders Association. The Canadian became Canada's National Horse in 2002.

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