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These are some pics I took of my horse Jewel the other day!! Jewel Age: 11 Height: 16hh Breed: Appaloosa x Thoroughbred Colour: Red Roan Fave Colour: …

Here are more pictures of him... I will post more eventually, and some of the other horses too :)

Me riding my baby boy Trigger 
Here is my baby boy!I love him so much!He is a tennessee walker/standard bred!He is 15hh. and beautiful!

This is my first ride with him. As you can see the irons(stirrups) were a little to short -_- Butttt i guess i should get more practice without them. :D …

Me and Shorty 
me and shorty jumping 3ft:) I've done up 2 3'3" w/ her and gone up 2 3'9" w/ a dif horse:) u cant really c the ground lol

Me and Gator Cross Country! 
This is a picture of me and my horse Gator schooling cross country. Gator is a purebred arabian, and he is so sweet yet so sassy at the same time lol! …

So this is my horse Yankee. (LOOK FOR MY DRAWING OF HER!) She is 4 years old and an AMAZING jumper. she is 15.3 hands high! I simply adore her!

Ms. Behavin' Lark!  
Lark is my baby! I love her so much! We go to shows a lot, and this pic was taken after I tied her to the trailer. At horse shows, we do halter, english …

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