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Newborn Filly! 
The photos are of my son's lil newborn filly. It was cold and windy, she was still wet so he runs back to the house, gets a blanket to dry her off and …

SONNY MY BABY (photo 2) 
This is me and sonny acting silly!!!!!! I L-O-V-E YOU SONNY!!!!!

Here is My pony, Stockings!! just call her stocks for short!!

Me & My Pony Grace 
This Is Me & Gracie, She Is A 14hh Appaloosa X Connamara (;

Me And My New Horse LADY! 
This is a picture of me and my new horse Lady, we just got her and she is the 6th horse we have on our ranch. This picture was just taken the other night …

This is my horse Willow, I've had her for almost 2 years. She is a three, almost 4, year old Tennessee Walking Horse. I absolutely love her and I'm glad …

diva!my baby 
she is cross between and morgan and welsh shes wonderful jumper!!!

My Three Amigos 
I have three horses, one Mo. Foxtrotter, one Paint, and one Morgan. They are all geldings and love to give people kisses. They always try to help me when …

My Girl!! :D 
This is my girl Candy!

Me and Tonka at the KY State Horse Show 
Here is a picture of me and the horse that i use to ride in 4-H. We won 2nd place in this class that the picture was taken. Enjoy!

Me and Pelli 
This is a picture of me riding my friend's horse, Pelli. Pelli is a pintabian (pinto/arabian) he is a really sweet horse and he is so fun to ride!!

my fave horse photo 
This is my colt popcorn

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