Horse Lovers Best Horse Game!

Horseisle is so fun!At first it is confusing to play,but soon it becomes easier to figure everytthing out.There are maybe 100+ breeds of horses and ponies and you can ride them around,compete,and do fun quests and minigames!I've played other online games for horses which get boring after a while but I've been playing Horseisle for YEARS and I still find new things everyday and never get bored.I love it when you stumble across wild horses to catch.It's a great game for all ages(there's even adults that love to play it along with very young children and teens).I even have friends that don't like horses much and they play it because its so fun!I highly reccomend Horseisle to everyone who loves horses.
-YumWaffles from Brown and Cremello

P.S. Horseisle 2 is coming out soon! In addition to the original breeds plus added ones,it looks even more exiting with rare magical horses of a herd that split up.Only a chosen few can find them!No body wants to wait!

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